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Tracy Williams

Fort Worth, TX

Unlike most christians I know, I didn't grow up in church. Because my mother spent 3-4 days a week in church with her mother, she felt that her children should not be made to go but rather want to go. My 'want' didn't come until I was 17 when I was invited by a friend to visit with her after seeing so many people around us killed, jailed and on drugs. I soon joined but that was it, I joined. I felt no overwhelming feeling, no sense of want, need, etc. so I stopped going. Throughout the years, I visited MANY churches; multiple denominations knowing that something was missing within me but not knowing what that was. Then when I thought I had everything I needed; job, money and relationship it all came crumbling down. I hit what I call my bottom. While at my lowest, it occurred to me what was missing. It was God. He had to totally strip me of what I considered important to really see who was important. At that moment I immediately started praying to Him to help me. From that day forward, I knew it was God that made all that I do, all that I have and all that I am possible. There's no turning back for me. Today I'm doing all I can in church and in life to please Him, thanking Him daily for the person I have become.

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