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Jim Richards

Keller, TX

Most people at high school graduation think about having their entire life ahead of them. Instead I thought there was nothing to live for in this life and a definite separation from God in the next. About three weeks before finishing high school, one night in desperation I prayed three words out loud, “God save me.” What took place was a transformation that continues years later. Jesus Christ became my Lord and Savior. Although at the time I would have been unable to explain what happened, there was a life change. There were some things that night I did know. I knew I was a sinner. I knew I did not deserve to go to heaven. I understood that Jesus died on the cross shedding His blood to forgive me of my sin. Most of this I had heard all my life. What I did for the very first time was to surrender everything I knew about myself to everything I knew about Jesus. The Bible calls this repentance. It is a change of heart, mind and attitude. The second step I took was to accept Jesus at His word that He would forgive me. The Bible calls this faith. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be in a church, clean up your life or understand deep spiritual truth. Give your life to Jesus and trust Him to forgive you. He will do it. You can have purpose in life and have eternal life too!