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Melissa MacDonald

Stephenville, TX
I have always said that I have the best parents in the whole world. I have grown up in an atmosphere with a lot of love and support. Growing up, I had the privilege of going to a Christain school and I trusted the Lord when I was five years old at AWANA's. From that point on, I began to learn different things about Jesus. I remember the price that Christ paid on the cross really hit home with me in third grade, and I think I finally understood what sin was, and how that connected with how much Jesus loved me in fourth grade. Through junior high and high school I was just your normal teenager, I had my up's and down's with really living for God and becoming stagnant spiritually. When I left for college, the Lord brought me to an awesome college ministry, where I met some really great people that the Lord used to impact my life and bring to Himself. For the first time I think I finally understood Jesus' love in a new way and what it really meant to surrender my life to him. I was also able to (in a small way) wrap my head around the fact that Christ's death and resurrection opened the door for me to have eternal life; and that, that door is open for everyone if we accept it. I was baptized on February 1, 2009 because I wanted to show my friends and family that I was ready to be sold out for Jesus and fully live for him. I wanted to be obedient in following through with believer's baptism and have a symbol of my faith and my new life in Christ. I have been told that baptism is an outward sign of inward change and that is exactly what I wanted to do, tell the world that I truly was changed on the inside and would never be the same again. Now I have so much hope and so much joy through Jesus, that I have never had before. I am truly free from sin and death, and sin ever having any control over my life. Now it is just daily growth, and I have learned that we will never stop growing. My daily prayer now is that I would try to love and serve Jesus and other people a little more everyday, with the strength that He gives me of course, because I can't do anything with out Him. I am nothing with out the loving grace of my Savior.

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