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Karissa Muilenburg

Grapevine, TX
My dad is a pastor, so I heard the Gospel from the day I was born. When I was 5 years old, my parents and I were reading a book that had stories from the Bible along with pictures. This night, we were reading the crucifixion story. I remember vividly how gut-wrenching it was to realize how much Jesus suffered and how He came to earth specifically to die for me because He loved me that much. I knew that if God could give His life for me, I had to give my life to Him. I prayed that Jesus would invade my heart and my life, that He would fogive me of all my sins, and prayed for strength to live every day for Him from there on out. Growing up in church and going to a Christian high shool and college were great and challenging, but it was not until the summer after I graduated from college, that I experienced how personal God was. I got alone with God, with no distractions, and sought His face truly for the first time. I experienced worship for the first time, like it was just me and God. I distinctly heard His voice for the first time and realized that He speaks to me all the time if I tune my heart to His. The most life-changing thing that He showed me was that I am free! Because I accepted His gift of life, no sin, no trial has any power or hold on me. Since I am His, I have every power that the Holy Spirit has given me. I am free! So now, I live with that confidence. I have beautiful intimate moments with Him and I also have faced some really hard times that I thought would never end, but its worth it, because the Creator of the world knows me inside and out and loves me anyway and He gives me a hope and a future.

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