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John Harris

Corpus Christi, TX
I was the kind of person that didnít think seriously about anyone but myself and I had no hope. Even though I might look everywhere for satisfaction and happiness I could not find any kind of real peace and joy. I kept trying to be a better and happier person, but the more I tried the more I failed to find what I was looking for. I needed something to change or I wouldnít be able to take life, fortunately thatís exactly what happened. A very good friend of mine shared some very important truths with me and it radically changed my view of life and the way things are. I learned that heaven is a free gift and itís not something that I have to try to earn or have to be good enough to deserve. In fact, people canít be good enough to get to heaven. I had never thought about life that way before. God is kindhearted and wants to forgive us all for the bad things that we do and for not doing those things we know we should do. Even though God is compassionate Heís also just and has to deal with our offenses. Thatís where Jesus comes into the story. I knew about Jesus, that He lived, died, and rose again, but I didnít know what that had to do with me. The bible describes Jesus as God who came to live as a man. As this God-man He lived a perfect life and died in our place to pay the penalty for our mistakes and to purchase a place for us in heaven. All we have to do is have faith in Him. Faith is not just intellectual understanding or temporary confidence, but itís trusting in Jesus alone for eternal life. When I understood that being a Christian is not about doing all the right things, but itís about trusting in what Jesus has already done, I knew I wanted to be a part of that kind of faith. Jesus describes this experience as being ďborn again,Ē and I knew Iíd never really had that experience. On May 21, 1985 I transferred my trust from what I could do to the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Now I follow Jesus. As you can imagine, this was a major event for me. Jesus became a part of my life and, though I didnít become perfect, He has gradually been making me the kind of person Iíve always wanted to be. Now I have hope and an assurance that my future is bright. There is an abiding purpose and peace that cannot be explained because I know that when God looks at me He doesnít see my pitiful effort to be good, He sees the perfection of His son Jesus. The weight of life is off my shoulders and Iím free to live knowing that Iím right with God! If you will simply acknowledge your sin, believe in Jesus alone for salvation, and truly change the one in charge of your life, you too can become a Christian! Why not now? He's listening...

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